Starshell Sport

Starshell Sport

The worlds only social media monitoring and moderation platform designed specifically for athletes and sporting organisations.

With Starshell Sport you can

Monitor and moderate your athletes’ social media activity in real-time.

Protect your athletes from social media scandals by preventing negative or explicit posts from being made public.

Protect your brand and reduce the risk of being associated with negative social media exposure from your athletes.

Protect your sponsorship revenue by showing current and prospective sponsors you can prevent their brand from being associated with negative social media exposure. You can also provide them with ROI reports of positive social media exposure generated by your athletes.

Save time and resources with our automated platform that analyses all social media activity and notifies your administrator when flagged content has appeared. Easily see what all of your athletes are up to up on social media in one place with real-time updates.

Generate activity reports so you can easily see which athletes may need social media mentoring and which athletes are giving your sponsors the most positive social media exposure.


Key Features


The club administrator can choose to receive notifications when player’s social media updates are flagged so they can review it instantly.

Players can be sent notifications when their updates are flagged and a link to the club’s social media policy can be included as an ongoing education tool.



Generate activity reports to see how many social media updates each player has had flagged and use this to determine which players may need social media mentoring or additional filter rules put in place.

Generate reports for your sponsors to show how much positive social media exposure your club and players have generated for their ROI.



The Starshell platform is fully secure and requires a username and password for each club administrator to access.

Club and player social media account details are encrypted so that hackers, other users and even Starshell staff can never gain access to the accounts.



The Starshell dashboard allows the club administrator to easily add or delete player social media accounts as requirements change.

The club administrator can easily change all settings, features and filter rules at any time.


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