Starshell Student

Starshell Student

A world leading health, wellbeing and social impact education and protection platform designed specifically for students.

Starshell Student covers issues such as:


Disability Related abuse




Sleep deprivation

Discrimination – racial, homophobic, etc.

Anti-social behaviour – drugs, alcohol, weapons

Stress and anxiety – domestic and school pressures

With Starshell Student you can

Allow students to make their own decisions and actively learn about social media responsibility without intervention but with guidance from parents and/or the school.

Prevent incoming cyber bullying on social media through real time automated filtering of social media updates.

Instantly notify a student if they try to post a social media update that could be considered cyber bullying, tells them why, provides a link to the schools social media guidelines and allows the student to reconsider posting the update before it’s gone live.

Provide students with a safety guard to notify and prevent them from sending explicit, racist, sexual or other content that could be harmful to their own reputation on social media.

Integrates into the school’s current social media education framework by offering students a tool that helps them implement what they have learned in the classroom.


Key Features


Students can choose to receive notifications when one of their outgoing posts are flagged so they can review it instantly, consider their actions and decide whether or not to let it go.

Notifications can include a short message about responsible use of social media / cyber bullying and a link to the school’s social media guidelines.


Semantic Learning

Starshell’s Semantic Social Intelligence engine learns based on what actions each student takes in moderating their incoming and outgoing posts and can begin to perform those actions on behalf of the student over time.



The Starshell platform is fully secure and requires a username and password for each student to access their account.

Student’s social media account details are encrypted so that hackers, other users and even Starshell staff can never gain access to the accounts.

The Starshell dashboard allows students to easily log in and modify their filter rules as their needs evolve.


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