Starspoon aggregates and curates global news and social media content on sport.

Currently covering AFL, NRL, Cricket, Rugby Union. More sports coming soon.

What is Starspoon?

Starspoon is changing the way you follow your favourite sports, leagues, teams and players by finding and organising their official social media accounts and latest news posts from around the globe and feeding them to you all in one place, in real time.

Searches for you

Starspoon does the hard work for you by searching popular social media networks for each league, team and player’s official social media accounts so you know you’re hearing from and talking to the real deal.

Combines and organises

Starspoon takes the hassle out of having to switch between and search through multiple social media and news websites to find out what’s happening by combining everything into one easy to read feed and organising every sport, league, team and player in an easy to navigate search and browse application.

Never sleeps

Starspoon works in real time, continually feeding you all the social media and latest news posts from websites around the globe as they appear so you’ll always know what’s happening with your favourite sports, leagues, teams and players.

Knows everyone

Starspoon isn’t just interested in the popular kids, it creates a profile page for every league, team and player as it adds each sport in the country so you’re guaranteed to find your favourite.

Interacts and shares

Starspoon lets you interact with your favourite leagues, teams and players directly through their official social media accounts and also lets you easily share the content it feeds you with your own social network all from the one place.

Learns and adapts

Starspoon uses unique Artificial Intelligence technology to learn what kinds of news articles you like most and constantly adapts to keep feeding you the content you’re most interested in.