Apps, Knowledge Products, Semantic Solutions

We are passionate about creating the next generation of applications that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which we power using a technology we have invented called Semantic Social Intelligence.TM

Semantic Social IntelligenceTM is a form of AI that has the ability to discover meaningful relationships inside any content. We use this to enhance the user experience, typically by making meaningful connections that the user was hereto unaware of, as well programming our applications to learn from human interaction and adapt their results to the user’s needs or interests, even as they evolve.

We have encapsulated our technology into our Semantic (Social Intelligence) Platform, which we use to drive our own products, but which also allows any (3rd party) application to utilise this technology to create superior solutions, by using our publicly available API.

Starshell Student
Protecting students on social media


A social media and cyber bullying education and protection platform designed specifically for students.

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Starshell Sport
Protecting clubs, athletes & sponsors


A social media monitoring and moderation platform designed specifically for athletes and sporting organisations.

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Sport News Aggregation & Curation

starspoon-website aggregates global news and social media content on sport and curates it around team and player profiles which the fan can follow to personalise the site

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